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Updated: Jan 27

Newton's First Law of Motion: "An object at rest or motion, will remain at rest or motion with the same velocity unless, acted upon by another force."

How would Newton's First Law of Motion, a law of physics, relate to us on a spiritual or metaphysical level? Simply stated, our ideas and thoughts require action in order to become a reality, a manifestation, to be set into motion.

Without our acting upon these thoughts, ideas they remain locked up in our minds. Action is to place faith in your Higher-Mind.

Consider this, the only thing that prevents most people from acting is their own self-doubt. Perhaps they feel as though they will fail, or that they cannot do it alone. Whatever, the reason without taking action they will remain at their current velocity, unchanged.

To eliminate fear and reluctancy to act upon our ideas, we must first understand and have faith in our True Self.

What is our True Self? Within each of us there are two selves, first being our personal self, also known as our personal ego. This self is developed by our family, friends and societal norms beginning from birth. This personal self is the one that often holds us back due to uncertainties or fear of failure. The second self, is our True or Real Self, this self is our Higher-Mind, God-Mind or Universal Consciousness that is within each of us. This self is the Universal Creative force, the One Infinite Reality that exists in all things.

Whether in meditation or going about your day, when an idea comes to you, you must first acknowledge that your Higher-Mind provided the idea to your personal consciousness by saying: "Thank you, My Higher-Mind puts this into action now". In doing so, you remove the stress and worry about the how-tos from yourself. You place faith that the how-tos will come from your Higher-Mind. Just as your Higher-Mind created the idea, it too will provide the necessary steps for success and achievement.

Remember, self-doubt is only your personal self responding to ideas based on the knowledge from family, friends and society. When doubt enters your mind, simply say: "cancel, cancel, cancel" and proceed. Your personal self will always be cautious to the unknown due to our innate self protection mechanism. However, you must put faith in your Higher-Mind, that whatever idea is provided, if acted upon, will lead you to success and happiness.

Say to yourself each day"

"It is not I, but my Higher-Mind, that does the work - perfectly!"

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Blessings; - Robert -


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