How to Manage Problems

As the group Devo said back in 1980, "When a problem comes along, you must whip it. Whip it good". What great advice but, how?

In order to address a problem, we first need to understand that there could be several levels to the issue, only when you address a problem at the root can you have full resolve.

For most, the focal point for correcting a problem is its psychological component however, many overlook its psychic nature. By overlooking a problems true nature, one may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem.

To understand the root of a problem, one must understand the Law of Cause and Effect or Karmic Cause. The Law of Cause and Effect or Karmic Cause, states that when one has done or thought something that breaks the law of nature or life for ones own benefit or pay a debt there are repercussions, either in this life or the next.

It is important to note, the Law of Cause and Effect is not the Universe or "God" punishing rather, a simple natural reaction to our thoughts or actions... unintentional or intentional.

So, how do we address a problem? It's all in the reaction. Everyone reacts to problems differently however, many react spontaneously and irrationally. It is key that when a problem comes along you, remain calm. All problems can most certainly be handled spiritually. Of course, that does not mean you do not take physical action. This simply means that you turn inward for the solution rather than reacting instantaneously.

Here are a few metaphysical suggestions to use when confronted with a problem:

  • After your initial reaction pause, think and do not overreact. You have to begin to train yourself, your conscious mind NOT to react.

  • Do not waste time looking for a place to lay blame. It does not matter who did what, when or how; the only thing that matters is how you will handle the situation. Instead of looking for someone to blame, turn inward and ask your Higher-Mind for next steps.

  • At your earliest convenience meditate. Meditate on removing the problem at its root, at its Karmic Cause.

  • Change your thought patterns around a problem. Think of it as a change in direction rather than a roadblock or consequence.

  • Never give up or readily accept failure. Doing so ignores the power within, your Higher-Mind standing by to aid you in your troubles.

To learn more, about how to handle problems in your life, including meditation and visualization techniques click here to schedule your one-to-one session.


- Robert -


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