Guide to Happiness in the New Year

Updated: Jan 25

As we start a new year, why not start new habits. This year, instead of brief daily affirmations, I've decided to post weekly with a bit more substance.

To kick off 2020, the below is a general guideline for living life. If followed, you are sure to notice a more happy, abundant and all-around fulfilling life.

Become sensitive to your intuition. Let the Universal-Mind within you be your guide. Only when you start to listen will you discover your true purpose and the means to materialize that purpose, then you will find true fulfillment.

"To Thine Own Self Be True". What is your "True-Self"? In order to live and accomplish the amazing things in your life you must first realize what your TRUE-SELF is. Meditating daily will help to open intuitive channels to the knowledge and purpose of your TRUE-SELF.

What is happiness? The definition for happiness is different for everybody, no two individuals have the exact same idea of happiness. This answer is within you. Everyday, affirm that you're being guided by a Universal Consciousness (or God) within you to what will bring happiness and fulfillment to you.

It is already yours! Go about your daily activities, communications and decisions as if you already have the means to obtain happiness. If you have confidence, faith and believe that you are being intuitively guided, happiness will flow through you and manifest in your life.

Happiness is living a particular lifestyle that fits the purpose of your soul. Question yourself in quiet introspective periods. Ask your TRUE-SELF what kind of life do you really wish to have? What would you look forward to waking up each day to do? When the answer comes, FOLLOW IT! Do not question how, all next-steps will be provided.

Whatever your soul tells you is what will bring you happiness. Take that thought and place it in you heart and keep it firmly there. In doing so, you will influence your daily activities, communications and decisions that will guide you to the realization of your true happiness.

To find happiness, you must believe if can be yours. Affirm every day that happiness is already yours. Remember, all that has ever been, all that will ever be begins in the mind. Make anything a reality there and it WILL manifest in you physical life.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

- Robert -


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