Do you Yoga?

Updated: Jan 25

In today's society more people are jumping on the yoga band-wagon (or the meditation fad/trend) without truly understanding the foundation behind those practices.

This week's post is all about yoga basics.

Yoga has become a pop-culture trend, many are unaware that yoga is rooted in the east AND in metaphysics. In-fact, westerner‘s main source of metaphysics has become yoga (and meditation).

All forms of yoga have one end-goal in common and that is, to achieve "yoga". The word Yoga literally translates to "Union with God" or the "absolute state of consciousness".

Without going into too much detail, here are descriptions for each of the five main schools of yoga.

  • Hatha Yoga Very popular today. This branch of yoga focuses on the physical, overall health tone of the body. Through postures and breathing exercises the body can become healthier however, the main concern in this discipline is to stimulate the chakras or psychic-centers of the body.

  • Bhakti Yoga Similar to Hatha and the others below, the end-goal of this discipline is also to achieve yoga, "Unity with God". Unlike Hatha, this discipline does not attempts to awaken the chakras through the physical overall health tone of the body but, through the heart. This type of yoga is for those devotional types, those that respond best to the idea of love.

  • Karma Yoga Karma yoga is not to be confused with what we all know about karma. Same end-goal as the others, to achieve yoga, but was developed for the busy business person, soccer and stay at home moms / dads, pretty much anyone not living in a monastery. In this system, all good and bad experiences and thoughts are either credited to the "Inner God Identity" or released to the "Inner God Identity". Over a period of time the personal ego is lost and replaced with the "God-Mind". This discipline of all the yoga disciplines is by far, the most practical for us westerners.

  • Jnana Yoga This discipline of yoga is best suited for the philosopher. Speculating on life's mysteries the mind withdraws from the analytical noise and becomes part of the individual's intuition flowing from their Higher-consciousness.

  • Raja Yoga This practice uses meditation to consciously direct and guide one's conscious mind in order to awaken the deeper unconscious levels of the mind. This is done in a controlled, conscious manner / effort to achieve yoga.

The above is a fundamental description of yoga which, I have briefly studied through the metaphysical doctoral program. That being said, I do not claim to be an expert in yoga nor can I offer up any posturing or breathing techniques. If you are interested in learning more about yoga or finding a class I suggest a google or yelp search.

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- Robert -


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