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Spiritual Psychology, also known as a holistic or spiritual counseling, life-coaching or spiritual guidance is one that meets the metaphysical, spiritual and emotional needs of clients. 

Metaphysics meets the needs of clients through disciplines of psychology but, within the confines of metaphysics.  Metaphysical science treats the "whole" individual, (body, mind and spirit), for a complete healing of the physical body and one's mind.  This is known in the medical field has holism.  


In summary, Metaphysical Counseling is a holistic based therapy approach which, focuses on principles such as the Universal Power, ones's Higher-Mind, God-Mind or God.  When applied properly and routinely, these techniques, laws and principles can enhance the life of the individual on multiple levels.

We promise to be there for you, every step of the way.  Our goal is to guide you to the place of light, abundance, happiness and prosperity that is right for you.

Ethics & Standards

A practitioner must treat all clients with compassion and respect.

A practitioner must creating a safe environment to encourage trust and open communication.

A practitioner should make available, all training certificates and diplomas to any client who wishes to inspect them.

A practitioner must, at all times remain professional with clients and not misuse the placed trust.

A practitioner must, at all times, respect the confidentiality of clients as a sacred trust.

A Metaphysical practitioner NEVER claims to be psychologists or psychotherapists.

A Metaphysical practitioner works with spiritual principles that, often times include psychological techniques, which are an aspect of metaphysical teachings.

A Metaphysical practitioner is to encourage clients to utilize these teachings so they may be led to a place of self-empowerment.

A Metaphysical practitioner will NEVER claim to personally cure or heal anyone. Any benefit the client may notice is solely due to the healing power within the individual, often referred to as Higher Intelligence, Inner God-Mind, Universal Power, Power within, God (whichever term resinates with the client).

A practitioner will NEVER interfere with current medical treatments and may work alongside orthodox treatments the client is already receiving.

A practitioner will NEVER advise ANYONE to discontinue prescribed medication. Clients must discuss medications with the prescribing medical physician.

A practitioner will only take cases that are within their capacity to treat and only take cases that will genuinely benefit from metaphysical practice.

To practice as a metaphysical practitioner, one must receive proper education, practitioners diploma and minister's credentials.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

The Metaphysical Guide, Inc. is committed to protecting your personal Information.  The intake form(s) completed for metaphysical counseling signed by the client prior to beginning sessions outlines the confidentiality agreement with our clients.  

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